Our Instructors

Jerred Blanchard

Piano Instructor

Jerred is an enthusiastic, energetic, and patient pianist with a B.A. in Jazz Piano Performance from Lewis and Clark College. Jerred first started playing piano at a very young age and continued playing all throughout elementary and middle school. In high-school, he learned what jazz music was and fell in love with the idea of spontaneous improvisation. While trying to improve his technique as well as his sight-reading, it was in jazz that he really found his calling. Thus began his studies with a great jazz pianist, Randy Porter, where he found his fingers wrapping themselves around his own music in a way he never thought possible.

A typical lesson with Jerred will involve communication between the student and the teacher to learn where the student is coming from and cater to his/her necessities in terms of learning. Jerred's following lessons will usually begin with a recap of the last week: what the student has practiced, and what they’ve accomplished since the last lesson. One thing he requires of all of his students is a notebook devoted solely to the lesson, where the student writes down what he/she thinks about in terms of accomplishments and what he/she wants to learn. For some students, he will assign listening over the week and the students will write down their observations, thoughts, and feelings. Jerred will also write down in the notebook different techniques and assignments for the betterment of the student. Jerred is laid back, for the most part, but will encourage the student to practice. He will try to inspire the student through positive encouragement techniques. Lessons with Jerred are fun and impactful as he tries and convey a jovial enthusiasm to his students. ”Without passion, music is simply another endeavor.”

-Jerred Blanchard

Christopher White

Guitar Instructor

Chris White is one of our 3 Guitar teacher’s here at Adagio. Growing up in the Houston area, Chris first picked up the guitar at the age of 14. He worked in many different fields throughout his early years of playing before he fully decided to pursue his passion of music professionally and, then, also began teaching. Chris is currently studying Jazz music at the Houston Community College music program and has previously studied classical, rock, and blues. He has been playing professionally and teaching in the Houston area for about 3 years now and is passionate about sharing his God-given talent and knowledge of music with students.

The main three aspects that Chris’ lessons will focus on are:
Facility on the guitar and understanding the mechanics of the instrument.
Sight reading and the ability to understand written music.
Understanding the importance of being able to perform for a listener’s enjoyment.
Supplemental material may be sent home on a case by case basis depending on student’s progression during lessons. At home practice is essential to furthering the student’s knowledge of the guitar and music.

Juan Del Rosario

Guitar Instructor

Juan has had a love for music ever since he could remember. As a blind child, his parents began putting headphones on him to block out loud sounds that made him cry constantly. It was from then on that he began a love and obsession with music. He received his very first guitar on his fifteenth birthday. He managed to teach himself how to play and developed his ears to the point where he can, now, learn most pieces of work just by listening. He gravitates more towards guitar but can play bass and piano as well.

His influences as a musician vary from The Beatles and Radiohead to heavy music such as Alice in Chains and Chevelle. He can play different genres such as blues, country, reggae, folk and rhythm and blues, but his first love is rock. Juan tailors his lessons to the tastes and preferences of his students. If he is to teach someone how to play music, and how to have a passion for it, he likes to start with what they would like to learn and play so that it can mean the most to them. His teaching mantra is borrowed from an old Radiohead song “Anyone Can Play Guitar”

He has been playing music for 14 years and teaching for 10 and he still gets the same rush and excitement from learning a song and teaching others as he did the very first time he picked up his guitar.

Brent Champagne

Guitar, Voice, Drums, & Piano Instructor

Brent is a self-taught guitar player who began playing the guitar at the age of 13 and even played in multiple bands throughout his middle school and high school days. Later he started teaching music lessons to earn a supplemental income and has continued teaching, on and off, ever since. He earned a degree in Audio Engineering and currently teaches as a professor at Houston Community College Systems while also co-owning another teaching academy (Encore Academy of Music), running a live sound company (Affordable Sound Productions), and owning a recording studio (Celebrity Sound Studios).

Though he has his hands full with multiple businesses and a full time job he could not get away from his main passion: Imparting his love for music to those who are anxious and willing to learn. Brent has had formal vocal, piano, and drum training with multiple schools/programs and, while using this background in his lessons, will still tailor the private lessons to the individual needs of the student. His lessons will consist of a recap from the previous week (for new students he will gauge the level they are currently at to assess where to start) and will either continue on the piece or exercise, if necessary, or will move forward to something more challenging. His dappling in many types of music helps him to stay open minded to the student’s particular wants and needs all the while helping them to reach deeper for their advancement.

Sarah Chavez

Office Manager

Sarah works as our administrative and office manager here at Adagio. Daughter of Brent, Sarah also has a love an appreciation for music. Though she has never been vocally trained, she has an immense passion for singing and is currently teacher herself to play guitar. Her passion in life is helping people and will make that evident as soon as you step in our door. She has been in and out of the customer service industry for the better part of 10 years holding positions such as Administrative assistant, Assistant Manager in retail, and Operations Manager for a family entertainment center. She loves working with children and watching the students grow in their knowledge and love of their instrument.